Regenerative Schild Cream

Regenerative Schild Cream
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Regenerative Schild Cream



│ Basic information │

  Functional cosmetic (Anti-wrinkle)Volume 50g

│ Product information │

  1. Regenerating skin – It regenerate the damaged skin as covering the shield to week skin.
  2. Reliable ingredients- The combination of special ingredients that was chosen in German lab firmly build up the health skin.
  3. Special solution – It absorb fast and soft and calm the damage by harmful external environment.
  4. Moist anti-aging.- It is anti-wrinkle product and is effective to anti-aging and finish your skin moist.

│ Special point │

  It protects the skin stress like shield and fills the generating energy
  Special Regenerative System 



  Capsuled stable EGF LIPOSOME was made by Lecitin element calm down the skin fast with excellent absorption. It  

  regenerate the damaged skin and give the elasticity in the skin

  Lecitin element encapsulated stable EGF LIPOSOME is an excellent skin absorption, quickly got corrupted to    

  soothe  skin and the subtleties of skin regeneration and elasticity in the skin senses.


│ Check list │

  1. Rejuvenating care after dermatological laser such as Fraxel, MTS, Toning
  2. Calming care by harmful external environment
  3. Sensitive skin by skin trouble
  4. Anti-aging care by beginning of aging
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