SD HAIR 7days steam hair pack

SD HAIR 7days steam hair pack
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SD HAIR 7days steam hair pack

“Hair line secret of the celebrities"


Innovative product making the content and the cap as one for the first time in the world, introducing the heat steam principle that is essemtial in the salon care, and making hair care simple by making expensive and timely salon care homecare.
The new concept that heat steam opens up the hair cuticle and fill in nutrients, making the inside hair healthy rather than the products for temporary care by coating the hair.


  • Just 1 time use lasts hydration and luster for 7 days and improves damaged hair (clinical trials completed).
  • 5 Free System – mineral oil, animal ingredients, artificial colors, Petrolatum, propylene glycol.
  • Certified organic Argan oil and patented antioxidants contained.
    - Phyto Oligo – reducing dehydration with patented hollyhock and aloe Vera Leaf extracts
    - Botanical Plus 10 – patented antioxidants with 10 traditional medicinal ingredients extracts including sangwhang mushroom
  • Size – 30ml (for 1 use)


  1. Gently wipe water from wet hair (can be applied to dry hair).
  2. Wear Steam Hair Pack on hair with high concentration essence spread on, and wrap all the hair by putting the hair at the back inside the Hair Pack.
  3. Adjusting it to fit your head using the attached sticker and gently massage for nutrients to be absorbed well.
  4. Take Steam Hair Pack off after 10-15 minutes and rinse hair with lukewarm water.

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Trader KITA