'Cellreturn' LED light therapy mask (Facial)

'Cellreturn' LED light therapy mask (Facial)
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Cellreturn LED therapy mask 


Certification; FDA, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001, KC, etc.


You can get much younger just by trying on Cellreturn LED therapy mask on your face!!!

(20 min. / day for 2 months)



The 1st time: Skin gets smooth and makeup is good.

1st week: Skin starts to get brighter.

2nd week: Acne, problematic skin begins to improve.

3rd week: Skin becomes clear and elasticity is improved.

2 months: Improve overall skin condition with wrinkles.


Near-infrared rays, which are referred to as the rays of the dream, are the rays of the sun that have been filtering out the most effective rays, and are also known as the light of life without any side effect. 

NASA has been using near-infrared rays therapy to maintain the health of astronauts. NASA and the medical community have been studying it for more than for 40 years and has been clinically proven to be able to achieve several effects without side effect on the human body and it is widely used in medical devices.

In general, far-infrared rays penetrate up to 0.5mm of skin and act only on the outer skin, whereas 'Cell Return Therapy Mask' penetrates deeply into the skin up to 6mm that is more than 12 times deeper than far-infrared rays.

3 types of masks we have NOW!

1) Light type: One wavelength; RED color LED (No. of LEDs: 195)

2) Standard type: Three wavelength; Near infrared rays+RED, BLUE, PINK(No. of LEDs: 195)

3) Premium type: Three wavelength; Near infrared rays+RED, BLUE, PINK (No. of LEDs: 230)



  • It penetrates more deeply into the skin than far infrared rays, activating mitochondria to expand capillaries and improve blood flow.

  • Disperse/drain waste by irradiating wavelength on blood vessels and skin tissue waste layers.

  • Breathe into the body and help slow the aging of the skin.

  • 1st wireless touch system in the world/Very easy to use

  • It is designed for intensive care of the nose for the first time in the world.

  • It is an all-in-one mask that can be applied to the entire face and neck

  • We used harmless and safe materials even if it is irradiated on eyes.


    Red, Blue and Pink LED light therapy

  • RED (RED+ near-infrared rays): Red wavelength and near-infrared rays are simultaneously irradiated at the same time and it improves freckle, blemish, elasticity, wrinkles, redness, skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

  • BLUE: The optimal blue wavelength is excellent for acne and atopic use.

  • PINK (BLUE + RED): Use blue and red wavelengths at the same time to prevent marks of acne and atopy.


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