Outdoor Cookware-Cook Container , Food Container , Camping

Outdoor Cookware-Cook Container , Food Container , Camping
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We, living in the sea of information, in Korea of the center of fashion, are living in the country which is rich in the necessities of life but boring to live without cultural life or a hobby.

Nobody, now write down simple daily life such as listening to music or watching movies in the section of specialty or hobby. Because we are living in the era of our own identity. We want to present our personality to them who call specialty personality. ‘FOOD’ very rich but the most valuable thing , now you can never miss the preciousness with YABUL_Cook anywhere, anytime.




It enables you to enjoy all the food hot only if you have yabulcook heating element and water anytime and anywhere without fire and separate cooking utensils.


You can use the product without worrying about the safety as it is eco-friendly material harmless to human body with the temperature up to 97 heated by internal heating element.


Unlike plastics, it is silicone material which does not deform with frequent use. It is cost0effective product to be used permanently only by heating element after initial purchase.


Entire product including lid is silicone and it is fist-sized so that it can be stored after rolling. It is portable product optimized for hobbies of modern people.


Internal capacity of expanded container is 900ml which is much bigger than rolled product size. It is the product of large availability without worrying about the food size.



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Trader KITA