BEBELOCK Tritan Airtight Container

BEBELOCK Tritan Airtight Container
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Tritan airtight container


  • Size : 8*6.5cm(130ml) /8*8cm(180ml)/8*9.5cm(240ml)
  • Material : TRITAN, SILICONE 
  • Color : purple, pink , orange
  • Temperature: --20℃~110℃ 
  • Weight:40g(130ml) /46g(180ml)/50g(240ml)




    • The seal part is with helix structure , easy to open and seal.
    • Can avoid content leakage perfectly
    • Also the helix structure is outside the container ,no content would be get in between the helix structure
    • With gradation on the container, it is convenient to check the capacity.
    • Compatible with several other items from Bebelock to use more conveniently
    • Since this container cover is stack-able ,it is very convenient to keep the containers and to save the space.
    • Can put in microwave
    • Can disinfect with boiled water or UV
    • `The transparency is the same as glass, very clear














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