Airtight Container

Airtight Container
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Introduction :

vThe seal part is with helix structure , easy to open and seal.
vCan avoid content leakage perfectly
vWith gradation on the container, it is convenient to check the capacity.
vCompatible with several other items from Bebelock to use more conveniently
vSince this container cover is stackable ,it is very convenient to keep the containers and to save the space.
vCan put in microwave
vCan disinfect with boiled water or UV

(1)Size : 8*5.9cm(120ml) /8*7.7cm(180ml)/  

           8*9.4cm(240ml) / 8*11cm(280ml)

(2) Material : PP, SILICONE (BPA FREE)

(3) Color : blue, pink, orange, green

(4) Temperature: -20℃~110℃

(5)Weight:138g(120ml) /153g(180ml)/ 188g(240ml) / 197g(280ml) 


Company Information
Trader KITA

BeBeLock Co Ltd