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Korea Pavilion at ASDMARKETWEEK 2017

2017-07-07 15:21:16
Korea Pavilion at ASDMARKETWEEK 2017
ASD Market Week is the widest variety B2B trade show that connects every industry’s leading merchandise suppliers with buyers. Loaded with quality choices at every price point, ASD Market Week is held twice per year in Las Vegas.
Over 45,000 buyers from 90 different countries gather in one place to set their store merchandise apart. Most of the
attendees have purchasing significant power, and spend $82,500 averagely. Also, the show gives you chances to
source directly at the highest margin.
We,, introduce the best performing Korean products to be showcased at ASD Market Week. Explore Korean products at in advance and contact the supplier of your interest!
Attending Products / Companies
Las Vegas Convention Center
Global Business Matching Service Visit Online Exhibition go to Las Vegas Convention Center Car Cleaning and Coating Set
[W Co Ltd] Bubble Bath
[MISSPLUS] Stain Remover
[B&D Life Health Co Ltd] Ceramic Callus Remover
[WELLFOAM] Roasted Seasoning Seaweed
[Solomon Global-biz Company] Soft Modern Rug
[I&S Co Ltd] Wallpaper
[U2 Wallpaper Inc] Thickener
[GL Chem Co Ltd] White Ceramics
[Camel.Inc] Korean Traditional Pattern Wallpaper
[INECO Co Ltd] Seaweed Snack
[Gangdongo Cake Co Ltd Disinfectant
[NARO Inc] Wood Blinds
[Sambotex] Anti Wrinkle
Blueberry Mask Pack
[ReinPlatz Cosmetic] Premium Aloe Vera Drink
[Youngshin Stone Co Ltd] Outdoor Cookware
[Honestfood] Nose Mask
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